Supernatural Sample Sack

Bewitched Botanicals


You know how it is. You look at our website, so many lovely things, but I just don't know anything about you, we hear you say. ! How shall I choose? Will I like this stuff? Well we'd be surprised if you didn't. But, we thought long and hard about it and we came up with a solution....introducing "The Supernatural Sample Set!" In this charming little sack, printed with our logo, you will receive the following:

1 x Supernatural Soap Stack ( a luvverly box of soapy slivers)

1 x trial size Wicked Whip     ( we call these mini me's... they are so cute)

1 x trial size Spellbinding Scrub (same size as the whip !)

We've done all the choosing for you. It's a supernatural surprise what fragrances you will get to sniff and try, but we guarantee at least 5 different scents to delight you're olfactory senses. After all....variety is the spice of life !!

Approx weight: 400g 

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