About Us

"We are the weirdos, Mister" (Nancy...The Craft 1996) 


Bewitched Botanicals..... 


is the brainchild of two Essex weirdos who love all things magical, and are inspired by witches, druids, pagans, fae folk, pirates, ghosts, Lovecraft, Harry Potter, Supernatural, Buffy.......oh enough already...you get the picture !!! It’s all about chemistry, or rather alchemy describes it better. We take ingredients from nature, into the old cauldron they go and what comes out is a supernatural soapy experience that cleans your body and soul and delights the olfactory senses. We are also obsessed with pumpkins and so use the frightfully expensive organic pumpkin oil in our Spellbinding Sugar Scrubs & our luxury Wicked Whip Crème de Corpse (see what we did there..a little play on words). We hope you enjoy our light hearted sense of humour and our olfactory offerings and we welcome you to our world of supernatural soaps and botanicals for the magically inclined.


The Team:


Mrs A. (shortened from a surname most people give up on pronouncing!) is our resident witchy women, chief formulator and alchemist. Putting her years of experience as a professional herbalist and amateur perfumer to use in the alchemy lab, where she concocts and brews all manner of smells for our soaps and potions.

Mr A. (responsible for the aforementioned surname shenanigans) is chief cook and bottle washer, builder of workshops and display stands, manly lifting of heavy objects and most importantly builds our soaping moulds, so we can make oodles of supernatural soaps to keep you lot happy !


Our Mission:


Taking over your bathroom, one soap at a time! Real soap is our passion, not these crappy detergent bars masquerading as soap that you find in the shops these days, made from who knows what, from who knows where. We pride ourselves on sourcing sustainable ingredients, supporting small growers and wildlife.  Of course we make much more than just soap these days, a whole range of bathing/showering products. We do not test on animals and our products are suitable for vegetarians and some are vegan friendly (even though it all looks good enough to eat, please don't!)










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