Musings of a Soapmaker Part 1.

Musings of a Soapmaker Part 1.

I thought I would write a regular post about what goes on behind the scenes at Bewitched Botanicals Soap Co. HQ in a somewhat humorous, tongue in cheek way (which is our way really!!)

Today's post is all about Mystical Melts !...I know...not exactly soap eh??

We started making these beauties last Autumn as we thought it would be  nice to add a home fragrance section to our range. After all, they are a great way to fragrance your abode and they are growing in popularity. They went really well for us, together with our cauldron oil/wax burner. Great...we thought, a quick make, a quick cure time and something we can get onto the market faster than soap (which takes 4-6 weeks to cure!!).

So, last summer, we started testing soy waxes which were so much more popular than the paraffin based waxes, due to the "eco-friendly" tag. We found a wax fairly quickly that suited us, did not melt the containers at the temperature we pour at. The wax also had to have a good "throw". “Cold Throw” refers to how a wax melts smells before it has been lit. This is that first impression you get when you take the lid off of one of our Mystical Melts and the fragrance comes floating out. “Hot Throw” refers to how a wax melt smells while it is melting under heat.

This year, we thought we would increase the range of smells available as they were so very popular and you lot said "we want more!" AND THEN.....the wax we used was suddenly discontinued !! another wax. Oh deary deary me !!

What ensued was a Monty Pythonesque series of escapades delving into the world of soya wax (yawn!) Watching paint dry would have been less painful ! You see dear reader, Soy wax has a propensity to likes to do a thing called "Polymorphism" or in simple terms "FROST". Yes, they all FROST now apparently, unless you melt them at 100 different suggested temperatures, add fragrance and colour at a billion different more temperatures whilst standing on your head whistling dixie...because it is just one of life's great mysteries it would seem to get a bloody stable wax that behaves itself time after time. Grrrrrr !!   

Now, I would point out that this "Frosting" is purely cosmetic, it does nothing to ruin the wax melt or indeed candles if one uses it for that purpose, but when the industry had a "go to" wax that performed brilliantly time after time, it was a damn shame to discontinue it, (the company that made it closed down after many years).  On the different groups I belong to that discuss this sort of thing (how exciting..i hear you cry!) we are forever championing this new wax or this other blend...but you see, the trick is it works for some but not all and this seems to be the same with just about any of the soy waxes because the nature of the beast is for it to frost!

And so..dear reader, we have been experimenting at the old H.Q. and some have frosted and its quite pretty and some have not and we have trialled pouring and cooling at a bazillion different temperatures and it's getting there. It may never be perfect...but then what is ?? 

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