Finally; Launched & Live

Finally; Launched & Live

Welcome to Bewitched Botanicals website and online store. It's been a long time coming and thank you so much for your patience and support.

The delay has been mainly down to producing enough stock to sell as we tour the country selling at Wytches Markets, Pagan Festivals, Faery Fayres etc. The response has been overwhelming and we have had to regroup and produce more for you. We have recently bought several new products online at our markets. Alongside our Supernatural Soaps, we now have Wicked Whips; our pumpkin oil infused body crème, Spellbinding Scrubs; our pumpkin oil infused foaming sugar scrubs, Bath Orbs; (our playful spin on the good old bath bomb), plus ltd edition Bath/Yule Cauldrons that are only available from Halloween/Samhain through to Yule/ festive season. 

We have also been busy building this site, designing labels and packaging and all the behind the scenes things that setting up a business entails, whilst working at other jobs, dealing with illness and all those other things that life throws at us regardless.

We have divided our products into into several sections as you will see from the from the drop down side menu. Some soaps/products are ltd edition seasonal releases and when they are gone...they are gone until next years season.

We have a general catalogue of product fragrances that are available all year round, and these include our best selling scents. Then we have Ltd edition releases 4-5 times a year, with specially designed fragrances and matching products. Our seasons are Spring, Summer, Autumn, Samhain/Halloween, Winter/Yule. Occasionally we may delight you with the odd one or 2 new fragrances, just to keep things interesting.

If you have not met us in person yet, you can read all about us in the about us section and follow our antics by clicking on any of the social media buttons on the Home Page, where you can also sign up for our fabulous newsletter.

The newsletter will keep you in the loop, with the latest news, blogs but more importantly you get first dibs on all the new exclusive goodies and launches, so you can get your magical mitts on them before anyone else does !

So, pull up a chair, see what's brewing, sit for a spell and indulge yourselves and whilst surfing, if the website throws up any glaring errors that have eluded our testers, please let us know by email, social media or owl !



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